Browning Rimfire Ammo

Thanks to their stringent quality control measures and precision manufacturing, Browning's rimfire ammo provide consistent performance and reliability many shooters appreciate. With a wide range of offerings tailored to different shooting applications and preferences, Browning rimfire ammo ensures consistent accuracy and dependable results, making it a trusted choice among shooters.

The Best Rimfire Ammo From Browning

At Shyda's Outdoor Center, we know the importance of choosing the right ammunition for your firearms. When it comes to rimfire ammo, Browning offers a variety of high-quality options suitable for both rifles and handguns.

BPR Performance Rimfire (BPR)

These cartridges feature reliable ignition and consistent performance, making them perfect for target shooting, plinking, and small game hunting. Browning's BPR ammo is known for its accuracy and affordability, making it a favorite among shooters of all skill levels.

22LR BPT Performance Target

With its high-velocity rounds and tight groupings, this ammunition is ideal for competitive shooters and enthusiasts looking to maximize accuracy and performance on the range.