Federal Pistol Ammo

Federal offers a range of pistol ammunition to cater to your different needs. From the American Eagle to Hydra-Shok Deep, Federal's ammo illustrates the brand's commitment to quality and performance in the realm of pistol ammunition.

The Best Pistol Ammo From Federal

Federal produces a variety of pistol ammunition ensuring you'll find the right ammo for your needs. At Shyda's Outdoor Center, we recommend 3 different products for handgun owners.

Federal American Eagle Pistol Ammo

The American Eagle is recognized for providing affordable yet reliable ammunition suitable for target shooting and practice. With various caliber options, shooters can train with the same or similar ammunition they might use in other situations. The consistency and affordability of American Eagle ammo make it a practical choice for regular training sessions.

Federal Hydra-Shok Deep

Hydra-Shok Deep is an evolution of the classic Hydra-Shok design, featuring improved features for personal defense. The deep-penetrating bullet is designed to perform consistently through various barriers while providing reliable expansion upon impact. Shooters looking for a trusted self-defense round with enhanced penetration capabilities often choose Hydra-Shok Deep.

Federal Premium Personal Defense HST

This ammunition is designed for personal defense, featuring Federal's HST (Hydra-Shok Two) bullet design. The HST bullet is known for reliable expansion and deep penetration, providing effective stopping power. The premium components and consistent performance make it a popular choice among gun owners.