Hornady Rimfire Ammo

Hornady's rimfire ammo stands out for its precision-engineered projectiles and consistent performance. With a reputation for superior accuracy and reliability, Hornady rimfire ammo is trusted by shooters for both recreational plinking and competitive shooting.

The Best Rimfire Ammo From Hornady

If you're an avid shooter or outdoor enthusiast, Hornady rimfire ammunition might just be the right fit for your shooting needs. Hornady is renowned for its commitment to precision and innovation, making them a trusted choice among shooters for their high-quality ammunition.

Here are some of the main rimfire ammo products from Hornady that are suitable for use with both rifles and handguns, along with reasons why you might choose them:

Hornady Critical Defense Rimfire Ammo

Critical Defense ammo is designed for personal protection and self-defense. With Hornady's patented FTX bullets and optimized velocities, this ammo delivers reliable expansion and terminal performance, making it a suitable choice for both rifles and handguns in situations where stopping power is crucial.

Hornady Varmint Express

Varmint Express rimfire ammo is an excellent choice for varmint hunters seeking precision and reliability. With their high-velocity V-MAX bullets and superior accuracy, these cartridges deliver devastating terminal performance, making them ideal for small game hunting and pest control.