Federal Rimfire Ammo

Federal rimfire ammo stands out for its consistent quality, innovative design, and reliable performance, making it a preferred choice among shooters for both plinking and precision shooting. With a reputation for accuracy and dependability, Federal rimfire ammunition delivers excellent value for recreational shooters and those engaged in small-game hunting.

The Best Rimfire Ammo From Federal

Federal's rimfire ammunition lineup caters to the diverse needs of shooters, offering precision options for competitive shooters, reliable and affordable choices for recreational plinking, specialized suppressor-friendly rounds, and effective hunting ammunition. At Shyda's Outdoor Center, we recommend 2 core products for anyone exploring rimfire options.

Federal American Eagle Rimfire Suppressor

This ammunition is specifically designed for use with suppressors. Featuring a reduced velocity to minimize noise, American Eagle Rimfire Suppressor ammo allows shooters to enjoy the benefits of shooting suppressed, making it an ideal choice for those who value a quieter shooting experience.

Federal AutoMatch Target

AutoMatch Target ammo is recognized for its consistency and reliability in semi-automatic rimfire firearms. The bullets are optimized for feeding in auto-loading rifles, ensuring smooth cycling and reliable performance. Shooters, especially those with semi-auto rimfire rifles, choose AutoMatch Target for its dependability during rapid-fire sessions.