Benelli Shotguns

Whether you’re looking for a Benelli Super Black Eagle or Benelli Ethos shotgun, Shyda’s Outdoor Center is your place to shop for Benelli shotguns online.

About Benelli Shotguns

The company was founded in 1967 by the Benelli brothers, led by their visionary father, Teresa Benelli. From the beginning, Benelli sought to push the boundaries of shotgun design and performance which has led to their legacy of Italian craftsmanship and innovation. One of the most significant milestones in Benelli's history came in 1983 with the introduction of the Benelli Super 90 semi-automatic shotgun. This groundbreaking firearm featured the inertia-driven system, a revolutionary mechanism that provided reliable cycling, reduced recoil, and enhanced durability. The Super 90 gained widespread recognition and became a favorite among gun enthusiasts worldwide.

Today, Benelli continues to innovate and expand its shotgun lineup, introducing models such as the Benelli M2, Montefeltro, and Vinci. These shotguns are highly regarded for their sleek design, exceptional reliability, and unmatched performance.

Benefits of a Benelli Shotgun

When a Benelli shotgun owner thinks of the benefits, they probably think first of its consistency and reliability. Specifically, the inertia-driven system, a patented design unique to Benelli, is incredibly trusted and practically immune to fouling. This means you can trust your Benelli shotgun to cycle flawlessly, shot after shot, even in harsh environments, ensuring that you stay on target no matter the conditions.

Benelli shotguns are also known for their reduced felt recoil. This same inertia-driven system absorbs and spreads recoil energy, resulting in a significantly lower kickback compared to other brands on the market. This means you get a more comfortable shooting experience, something even a seasoned shooter can appreciate.

Aside from their mechanics of the shotgun, Benelli is recognized for their impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each shotgun is built to exacting standards using high-quality materials while still offering a diverse lineup of shotgun models to cater to different shooting preferences and applications. Whether you're a waterfowl hunter, upland game enthusiast, clay shooter, or in need of a reliable home defense shotgun, there's a Benelli model designed specifically for you.

What to Know Before you Buy a Benelli Shotgun

As previously mentioned, Benelli shotguns utilize an inertia-driven system, which sets them apart from other shotguns on the market. This system harnesses the energy from the recoil to cycle the action. Due to this unique system, it’s important to understand how it might affect your shooting experience.

Benelli also offers a diverse range of shotgun models so it’s important to consider not just your preferred experience, but also your intended use for the shotgun. From lightweight field models to tactical options, there's a Benelli shotgun designed for almost every shooting application. You’ll need to consider factors such as barrel length, gauge, and features in order to make the right purchase for your intended use and shooting preferences.

With such a large category of shotguns, it’s important to also consider the fit and ergonomics of a Benelli shotgun. Each shooter will have unique physical attributes, and a properly fitted shotgun will greatly enhance their shooting comfort and accuracy. Ask about details like the length of pull, drop at comb and heel, and overall balance to ensure a natural and comfortable fit for your needs.

Other Shotguns Similar to Benelli Shotguns

If you’re still not sure a Benelli is the right shotgun for you, our team has some recommendations on other brands that may fit what you’re looking for.

Beretta Shotguns

Beretta shotguns, like Benelli, are renowned for their Italian roots and the craftsmanship and reliability that comes with that. Both brands offer a wide range of shotgun models, including semi-automatic and over-and-under designs, suitable for various shooting applications. Beretta shotguns also feature advanced technologies, such as the Blink gas system, which provides fast and reliable cycling, similar to Benelli's inertia-driven system.

Franchi Shotguns

Franchi shotguns share a parent company with Benelli and, naturally, incorporate similar design principles. Franchi shotguns often feature the same inertia-driven system found in Benelli shotguns, providing reliable and low-maintenance performance. Like Benelli, Franchi shotguns prioritize lightweight design, balance, and ergonomics, making them appealing options for hunters and sport shooters.

Stoeger Shotguns

Stoeger shotguns, another brand under the same parent company as Benelli, offer a value-oriented alternative with solid performance. Stoeger shotguns often feature the same inertia-driven system as Benelli, providing reliable and consistent cycling. While Stoeger shotguns may not have all the premium features of Benelli models, they offer a more affordable option without compromising on quality and reliability.