Remington Shotgun Ammo

Remington shotgun ammo is renowned for its consistent performance and reliability, making it a trusted choice for hunters and shooters alike. With a wide range of load options and proven designs, Remington ensures that their shotgun ammo delivers superior patterns, reliable ignition, and effective terminal performance, making it an ideal choice for any shotgun enthusiast.

The Best Shotgun Ammo From Remington

Through our decades of experience, we've found Remington to be consistently high quality and reliable when it comes to shotgun ammo. Here are a few products we like to recommend when someone is looking for shotgun ammo:

Remington's STS Target Loads

With premium components, consistent velocities, and tight patterns, STS target loads deliver the reliability and accuracy needed to excel in clay shooting sports, making them a trusted favorite among competitive shooters and recreational enthusiasts alike.

Remington Gun Club Target Loads

Thanks to their reliable ignition, consistent patterns, and a reputation for quality, Gun Club Target Loads provide shooters with the confidence and reliability they need to excel on the range, making them a popular choice among both recreational shooters and competitive clay target shooters.